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Mind Your Assets Tax School is an IRS APPROVED Continuing Education Provider that is accredited and registered with the IRS! We’re approved to teach you all tax laws and how to succeed in the tax industry! Need CE credit hours? Contact us today! Our interactive online course will assist our students in becoming proficient in tax concepts such as filing basics, dividends, distributions, and tax deductions! We provide ongoing support and student recognition throughout the course of our program. After enrolling as a student at Mind Your Assets Tax School we guarantee you will have the potential to experience financial freedom! Upon successful completion, you will own the title as a Registered Tax Professional with the IRS and receive a Certificate of Completion from our academy. Enroll today!

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Is it your dream to become a tax pro? Do you desire to own your own tax firm? Maybe you have a goal to become an entrepreneur, but no money to fund your dream. Or you're already your own BOSS and need extra funding for your business, loans don't have to be your only option! Do you need some extra cash for bills? Do you want to travel the world? Are you needing additional income to purchase your dream home or car? Mind Your Assets Tax School offers an eleven week online course that includes all the tools you need to learn how to become a skilled, knowledgeable tax professional, which will help you achieve your desires of living a debt free life. With this online course you will also have access to two instructors with 10+ years of combined experience. Not to mention we also offer on-site interviews upon successful completion with reputable tax firms. Oh did we mention you will receive continuing education credits from the IRS.

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Our online training has an 100% success rate of providing you the skills and knowledge needed to support you in being able to be your own BOSS, fund your dream business, become debt free, purchase your dream car or home, travel, amongst other things. Allow us to be the key to your financial freedom! Our goal is to support you in reaching your goal towards financial freedom, one student at a time. Enroll today!


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Additional Information

Q: Are all the courses online?

A: Yes, our students enjoy the flexibility of being able to take the courses online and in the privacy of their own home.

Q: Are your courses nationwide?

A: Absolutely! Our courses are nationwide and available to everyone!

Q: What does the cost cover? 

A: Tuition covers the entire course, CE credit hours, free tax software for aspiring tax professional entrepreneurs, digital workbook, resources, weekly quiz, review test, weekly interactive conference calls, private academy group chat, and final exam.

Q: Can I work for myself? 

A: Yes. Our academy partners offer Business StartUp Assistance for students that wish to open their own firm. Our academy also offer free tax software to these students.

Q: Do I have to be a tax preparer to take the course? 

A: No. Our interactive online course will assist our students in becoming proficient in tax concepts such as filing basics, dividends, distributions, and tax deductions! We provide ongoing support and student recognition throughout the course of our program. 

Q: What happens after training? 

A: Upon successful completion, Mind Your Assets Tax students will receive a Certificate of Completion, continuing education credits, along with the well-earned title as a Registered Tax Professional and you're able to obtain a PTIN with the IRS.

Q: What happens if I need help with the courses while in your academy?

A: You will have access to two instructor, private academy group chat, weekly conference call, we can also be emailed and/or contacted via office phone.

Q: Do you offer job placement for students?

A: Yes! We offer guaranteed job placement upon successful completion for students who wish to work for any of our partnering firms.

Q: Does your academy partners hire ’Work From Home’ tax professionals upon successful completion?

A: Yes, most of our partners firms are virtual! Example: You can reside in Pennsylvania and work for a firm in Georgia.

Q: Are you registered and accredited through the IRS?

A: Yes! We’re the ONLY academy listed in the city of BIRMINGHAM! You can find us listed here

Q:Do you offer a tuition payment plan?

A: Yes, please contact our academy for detailed information.


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